Types of upgrade

The INCO partner member (company or individual) can change the membership pack and thus benefit from the commissions and functionalities related to his new pack by clicking on the button inviting him to change packs in his INCOMER space. Whenever the member wants to change packs, he just has to click on the button and pay the difference.
EX: When a STARTER member decides to switch to SMART, he then has the option to upgrade (change membership pack) and see his commission percentage increase.


There are 4 upgrade levels here:

  • 1st upgrade: from STARTER to SMART (20,000 FCFA)

  • 2nd upgrade: from SMART to PRO (30.000 FCFA)

  • 3rd upgrade: from PRO to EXPERT (6O.000 FCFA)

  • 4th upgrade: from EXPERT to EAGLE (60,000 FCFA)


We will observe here only 2 levels of upgrade:

  • 1st upgrade: from BASIC to PREMIUM (50,000 FCFA)

  • 2nd upgrade: from PREMIUM to VIP (110.000 FCFA)