So many good reasons to join us at INCO

One of the main causes of failure, mortality and unfinished schooling, frustrations is to have an empty wallet.
Here are some reasons for joining INTERNATIONAL CONNECTION:

  • Devenez un apporteur d’affaire indépendant
  • It's an easy activity
  • You can work from home
  • You do not have to have a big starting capital
  • It does not hurt anyone and anyone can work on it
  • You can choose your partner companies yourself and have discounts or facilities and benefit those around you. For this you receive commissions.
  • The services provided mainly reductions are imperishable sectors
  • Every day new businesses and establishments are born next to you
  • You practice for a long time word of mouth
  • Digital Network Marketing is a growing sector in Africa
  • Your income is linked to your performance
  • It's your direct path to financial independence
  • You have the mastery of your personal and financial future
  • You have support and an effective learning program
  • Upline members assist you in every way and for free
  • Now you can have a long-term passive income
  • You receive rewards for your results
  • Rebates and facilities are welcome in a world that has become very expensive
  • People prefer to hear from people they know and trust
  • Partner institutions have large-scale advertising
  • Partner institutions receive more customers as their customers send new customers every day